To become the leading multi-disciplinary health and wellness enterprise in Southern Africa.


Our mission is to design and provide successful multi-disciplinary health solutions that empower, inspire and advance individuals and organisations towards a superior quality of life.


Ethical Practice – our health professionals deliver medical care that is aligned with the principles of ethical medical practice at all times, which includes respect for privacy, confidentiality, and non-harm.

Service Excellence – we pride ourselves in delivering a service that is of the highest standard to all clients who visit the institute and provide care to all individuals of all ages.

Longevity – our health solutions are focused on improving quality of life by improving all controllable risks and ensuring that the individual enjoys a long and healthy life.

Client empowerment – the Institute is more than a medical entity, we pride ourselves in extending our service to models that further educate and awaken the clients understanding of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in their various environments.